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WHEN: September 17-22, 2017 at Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga Studio in Berkeley, CA

WITH: Forrest Yoga Mentor Guardian Kiki Lovelace
COST: $1600 Early Bird Pricing if you register and pay in full before August 17th; $1750 thereafter


Do you seem to know what other people will do or say before it happens?  Do you need more alone time than others? Do you often feel fragmented, overwhelmed, angry, anxious or tearful for no apparent reason? When teaching, do you get flooded and feel unsure of what to do? Do you get easily triggered by your students? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are likely highly empathic. Come build your skillfulness as an empath so that you can bring your Wiser Self forward in your life, and be a current of healing and truth for your yoga students and loved ones. 

This course is a part of the Forrest Yoga 300-hour Certification (open to yoga teachers of any style) and qualifies for Continuing Education credits with Yoga Alliance. In this 6-day training, you will:

  • Learn what kind of empath you are, and how you best receive information

  • Hone your abilities to see, feel and move energy in your yoga practice and teaching

  • Recognize the signs that ​you are depleting your own energy, or allowing another to deplete your energy 

  • Discover new and effective pathways to supporting yourself as an empath

  • Practice caring & effective hands-on assists 

  • Learn how to better help your students heal their injuries and chronic pain/tension with yoga asana

  • Get tools to uplevel your teaching, including running energy or pulling it out with your hands, clearing energy that sticks itself to you, setting clear boundaries, speaking/teaching what’s true and “uptaking the sweetness” so you can feel nourished by your teaching and your life

Delight each morning in a 2.5 hour Forrest Yoga Ceremony & Intensive, with teaching themes to help you deepen your skillfulness in feeling, digesting and sorting information so you can trust and act on your intuition more quickly and effectively. Spend each afternoon practicing your new skills and upleveling your yoga teaching in a warm, fun, safe learning environment. Your empathic nature is a treasure not to be squandered  — come learn how to work with it more skillfully so you can uncover its many brilliant facets! 

Daily Timetable:

6:30-9am Forrest Yoga Morning Intensive, including 30 minutes of non-denominational ceremony, song and meditation followed by a 2 hour pranayama and asana practice

9-11:15am Break

11:15-4:15pm Afternoon Teaching Sessions, including creative visualizations, guided writing exercises, hands-on assist clinics, practice teaching, q&a, et cetera.


A joyful and shimmering Spirit, Kiki is known amongst her community for her trustworthiness, integrity and sparkle. H​er deep love and respect for Forrest Yoga Ceremony, her highly attuned ​Seeing s​kills and direct, kind Truth-Speaking make her a uniquely skilled Guardian Mentor Teacher​. Through her work in Forrest Yoga and her recent journey into motherhood, she has learned how to see the magic and mystery in what seems quite ordinary and is passionate about teaching her students how to do the same. As Owner and Director of Education at Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga in Berkeley, California, Kiki ​brings to her teaching her expertise in leadership, business and career development, physical and energetic anatomy instruction, pre- and postnatal Forrest Yoga and empathic hands on healing. 

When not teaching, you can find Kiki lying around reading books and making art with her young daughter, doing handstands, taking walks with her family and beloved pit bull Schnitzel Boy or performing with her 1960’s go go dance troupe, The Devil-Ettes!