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The extraordinary yoga teacher: a three month intensive with michelle cordero

WITH: Michelle Cordero
WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays,1 – 7pm  |  Jan 13/14, Feb 17/18, Mar 10/11
COST: $547 Early Bird  $610 Regular | REGISTER

Join Senior Deep Flow & Forrest Yoga Teacher Michelle Cordero for a three-weekend intensive designed to help you refine your yoga teaching so that you can better embody the wisdom you already carry and teach it in a vibrant and compelling way.

This powerful teacher’s intensive includes: 

• Three Master Classes with Michelle: Get fresh inspiration for your practice and teaching. Content includes Working with Injuries, Deeper Backbends, and Arm Balances/Inversions. Saturdays January 13, February 17 and March 10.   

• Resonant Class Planning & Sequencing: Study the art and science of sequencing asanas and crafting entire classes. Learn to include variations for different levels of students as well as modifications for injuries. Hone your skill at working with different intentions and thrilling apex poses that help your students grow and deepen internally as well as physically.  

• The Art of Seeing Alignment & Working With Energy: Learn to observe, appreciate, and feel what is happening with different students in each asana so you can truly See your students and address their individual needs.  

• Making Skillful Assists – connecting verbally and through your hands: Develop your skillfulness in working individually with your students and giving appropriate verbal cues and hands-on assists, and using props so you can support your students in more meaningful ways in your mixed level classes.

• Practice Teaching: Each practice teaching session includes extensive and supportive feedback as well as discussion of teaching techniques and methods. Learn to feed your soul through authentic teaching presence and honest care of your students.   


An expert sequencer, Michelle is currently most influenced by Ana Forrest and the Forrest Yoga principles of teaching and sequencing. 

In over two decades of practice, Michelle has studied almost every influential modern style of hatha yoga in depth. She loves vinyasa flow that is creative and physiologically sound. Her experience includes studies in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Bikram and Anusara. She has been teaching in the Bay Area since 2002, and has built her career on her integrity and passion for teaching skillfully and mindfully.  Over the years, Michelle has honed her personal style and aims to show up to each class authentically and with a sense of humor, curiosity and compassion for her community.

Prerequisites: Completion of a 200HR teacher training, open to teachers of all asana styles and lineages

Continuing Education Credits: This Teacher’s Intensive will provide you with 35 hours of continuing ed. credits with Yoga Alliance, fulfilling the requirement of 30-hours per three years to sustain your credential.




Ceremony, spirituality & meditation

Ceremony, Spirituality & Meditation: A 6-Day Continuing Education Training for Yoga Teachers of Any Asana Style or Lineage

WITH: Forrest Yoga Guardian Jambo Truong
WHEN: Monday June 4 – Sunday June 9, 2018 | REGISTER

In this 6-day training, we will create a sacred container for you to delve into your own experience of Self and Spirit and learn tools to weave threads of your authentic spirituality into your teaching. Each day, we will use a different meditation technique to ground into deep introspection, helping you to increase your awareness of self and of the interconnection of all life. Early morning ceremonies and asana practices will give you the opportunity to apply these meditation techniques to your yoga practice. Afternoon sessions will focus on how to bring these deep experiences of meditation and ceremony to your students.

-Explore spiritual ceremony and practice leading group ceremonies
-Identify beneficial meditation techniques for different situations
-Practice teaching a variety of meditation techniques
-Study & discuss ethics for yoga teachers, including how to use one’s position of authority responsibly
-Learn how to respect and honor your students’ boundaries, and use your intuition and wisdom to lead them through techniques that might be most beneficial for them in the moment

The price of this training includes the purchase of a biofeedback device, an innovative technology that can assist us in working towards deep states of meditation and healing by showing measurements in real time of the state of our nervous system health. Once you have completed this training you will be able to monitor your own progress and work with individuals to track the resonance of their practice.

This course is a part of the Forrest Yoga 300-hour Certification (open to yoga teachers of any style) and qualifies for Continuing Education credits with Yoga Alliance.

6:30-9am Forrest Yoga Morning Intensive, including 30 minutes of Forrest Yoga Ceremony, song and meditation followed by a 2 hour pranayama and asana practice
9-11:15am Break
11:15-4:15pm Afternoon Teaching Sessions

$1320 Standard Price; First 10 people to sign up get $100 off Standard Price with discount code FIRST10


Jambo is a multi-disciplinary practitioner with interests in functional anatomy and psycho-spiritual practises. He is one of the few selected Forrest Yoga Guardians, hand picked by Ana Forrest to spread the legacy of Forrest Yoga.

Jambo’s teaching style demystifies complicated science around anatomy and coaches on how to develop your own spiritual practise. Having parents from China and Vietnam, Jambo grew up a Buddhist-Taoist and merged with Anglican faiths whilst growing up in UK. Throughout his teenage years he experienced tutelage from various western teachers on healing, ceremony and living. Later on he merged his studies with various teachers from the traditions of Native Americans.

Jambo believes that the human body is a vehicle in which consciousness exudes. By simplifying our understanding of the only temple that really matters, we are able to use the only vehicle that we have been given to embark on an experience of expansion, liberation and freedom.