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Class Descriptions


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Pilates Mat (All Levels)

Based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates, this exercise system involves full body participation and promotes grace, coordination and keen body awareness. Each class combines the traditional weight bearing Pilates exercises with highly effective tension release moves using small props such as the foam roller, Franklin mini-balls, blocks and blankets. Learn to activate to your deep core muscles in each movement while developing muscle tone, flexibility and the self-confidence that comes from getting strong and centered.


Reformer • Pilates Machine

(Level 1-2 & Level 2-3)

The Reformer is a spring-loaded, resistance-training apparatus that allows for full range of motion with a smooth-gliding carriage. You will strengthen and stretch your entire body, and develop improved balance, muscle tone and alignment, ease of motion and bone density. You will leave your Reformer Class feeling spacious and comfortable in your joints, and refreshed and energized in every cell of your being!


Mixed Machine • Pilates Machine

(Level 1-2 & Level 2-3)

In these fun and focused classes, awaken your whole body with functional movement principles to support healing your injuries, melting tension and enlivening your core! You’ll use small props like the foam roller, franklin mini balls and magic circle. You’ll experience the gifts of the Springboard — exercises that promote movement re-patterning for a supple spine and intelligent core. You’ll get the benefits of the Reformer repertoire — moves that help you integrate and strengthen your arms, shoulders, hips, legs and feet. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, taller and more self-confident!




In this beginner-friendly class, you can look forward to breathing deeply, enlivening and strengthening your core muscles, calming your nervous system and learning functional movement patterns that will help you feel comfortable in your body. Special attention will be given to gender-inclusive language and respect for the choices you make about your body and your movement practice. No experience needed; just bring your curiosity and your unique perspective on the world. Open to queer, trans, and questioning folks and everyone on the LGBTQIA++ spectrum.


yoga & pilates flow


Enliven your core and open up your joints and muscles in this refreshing Pilates & Yoga Flow class! You’ll learn how to apply the intelligence and precision of Pilates to your Forrest-inspired yoga practice, connecting your core to your limbs for easier breathing and more awareness, embodiment and comfort. Leave class feeling awake, alive and centered with more freedom in your hips, spine, neck and shoulders.


LATECOMER POLICY: For your own safety and well-being and to minimize disruption to the other students, please arrive no later than 15 minutes after the start time of your class/workshop or you may not be let in. Pilates equipment by Balanced Body.