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Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Posted on May 9, 2018
Keep Your Feet on the Ground By Lila Heller We are negatively biased. It’s a part of being human. We are told to reach outward for our happiness and our sense of worth. That we really aren’t doing enough, being enough, or are good enough. You know this trap. It goes round and round until we consciously choose to interrupt the dialogue. Simple enough. Right. Wrong. So challenging! Start small. Applaud your successes. Just aRead More
The Right Practice for Right Now (It’s not what I thought it would be) By Kiki Lovelace     After I gave birth to my first child, I did all the “right” things. I rested. I asked my friends and family for their help in making meals and sweeping the kitchen. I let go of my need to control my business— and rested into the support of my managers and employees and teachers. And IRead More
Injury as Opportunity: How Yoga Can Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit By Erica Mather People have been hurting themselves as long as humans have existed. I am a particularly injury-prone specimen. In elementary school, every time I went to gym, I sprained an ankle. Literally. This was so ongoing and consistent that eventually my pediatrician wrote me a doctor’s excuse from gym class, so long as I maintained regular exercise through swim team. IRead More
A Slice of Humble Pie: Starting Over Again in ​M​y Practice by Kiki Lovelace I just finished my first “real” yoga practice in over two months since my daughter was born. And by real, I mean twenty-five minutes of gentle postnatal yoga — mostly breathing and stretching exercises on the floor — followed by ten minutes of Savasana. The word “humbled” kept coming to me. I felt how alien my breathing was, how numb myRead More
Working Struggle Free: What’s It Mean to Have an “Advanced” Yoga Practice? By Michelle Cordero I’ve taught a level 2/3 class off and on in my 15 years of teaching yoga. There are things that I love about it, and things that I wish I had the power to change. First, please, please, please do not come to the level 2/3 class just to get a workout.  There are always a few serious athletic typesRead More