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Injury as Opportunity: How Yoga Can Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit By Erica Mather People have been hurting themselves as long as humans have existed. I am a particularly injury-prone specimen. In elementary school, every time I went to gym, I sprained an ankle. Literally. This was so ongoing and consistent that eventually my pediatrician wrote me a doctor’s excuse from gym class, so long as I maintained regular exercise through swim team. IRead More
A Slice of Humble Pie: Starting Over Again in ​M​y Practice by Kiki Lovelace I just finished my first “real” yoga practice in over two months since my daughter was born. And by real, I mean twenty-five minutes of gentle postnatal yoga — mostly breathing and stretching exercises on the floor — followed by ten minutes of Savasana. The word “humbled” kept coming to me. I felt how alien my breathing was, how numb myRead More
Working Struggle Free: What’s It Mean to Have an “Advanced” Yoga Practice? By Michelle Cordero I’ve taught a level 2/3 class off and on in my 15 years of teaching yoga. There are things that I love about it, and things that I wish I had the power to change. First, please, please, please do not come to the level 2/3 class just to get a workout.  There are always a few serious athletic typesRead More

What Makes an Extraordinary Yoga Teacher?

Posted on November 9, 2017
What Makes an Extraordinary Yoga Teacher? By Michelle Cordero There is a trap in teaching in a place like the Bay Area where there is so much yoga:  you begin to pander to your students, they expect X so you deliver X.  I feel some teachers just checking off the ‘to-do’ list: Sun salutations, check Something really hard, check check End with a backbend, check Namaste, check.   Does this sound familiar? Have you wonderedRead More

Why I Teach A Queer & Trans Pilates Class

Posted on September 29, 2017
Why I Teach A Queer & Trans Pilates Class By Kate Clabby When I started practicing Pilates and yoga regularly at Innerstellar, I started to feel the healing effects of these practices very quickly. The migraines that have plagued me for over a decade diminished in frequency and intensity. Other benefits, though, took more time and attention to become apparent. There were tissues in my body that felt tense, dry, and numb. I had toRead More