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Surviving Chaos: emiko’s Restorative Yoga Journey by emiko oye For most of my life I’ve been a Type A, work-all-day-all-night, driven to succeed person and took pride in the fact that for years I existed on 4 hours of sleep a night. I was growing my jewelry business and running an arts non-profit, and my yoga practice was a reflection of this lifestyle – hard-core Bikram and Hot Hatha. The idea of napping, sitting still,Read More
How The #MeToo Movement is Changing My Yoga Teaching By Kiki Lovelace     Like most every woman I know, I have my own #metoo stories. It’s been both a heartbreak and a relief to see so many of these stories be aired out on my social media feed.  And as a mother to two young girls, I can’t help but consider the world my daughters have entered into, and ask myself how might I best prepare them (and protect them, as much as is in myRead More
A Sneak Peak into an Innerstellar Teacher Training With Michelle Cordero, Marisha Doan, and Colleen Millen Signing up for a yoga or Pilates teacher training is a life-changing decision, and an important moment in your physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution. Whether or not you ever intend to teach, we believe that you will be able to go deeper in this journey if you’re supported by teachers who are committed to their own ongoing practice andRead More
TOP 5 SIGNS YOU’RE BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL PILATES AND/OR YOGA PRACTICE If you’re part of our Innerstellar family, you already know the riches available to you via a Pilates or yoga practice. You may already have less injuries (and better know what to do about them when they do arise), feel more at home in your body, manage your stress and anxieties better and feel more present with yourself and your loved ones. But evenRead More

Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Posted on May 9, 2018
Keep Your Feet on the Ground By Lila Heller We are negatively biased. It’s a part of being human. We are told to reach outward for our happiness and our sense of worth. That we really aren’t doing enough, being enough, or are good enough. You know this trap. It goes round and round until we consciously choose to interrupt the dialogue. Simple enough. Right. Wrong. So challenging! Start small. Applaud your successes. Just aRead More