Yoga & Pilates for Chronic Pain & Injuries


We help exercise-phobes, gym-avoiders and intensity addicts

heal their chronic pain & injuries and calm anxiety

so they can feel strong, relaxed and centered in the face of STRESS.


Forrest & Stellarflow Yoga

Our yoga styles are designed to relieve the stresses and strains of modern lifestyles. You’ll practice breathing deeply, listening to your body, and making healing choices. Longer holds in poses help you build strength, release tension and breathe. As you learn to mix your breath with your intention, you might start to find a doorway to your spirit.


Innercore Pilates

At Innerstellar, our brand of Pilates is not just for the fit and flexible. We focus on functional, therapeutic movements to help you align and strengthen your joints and to relieve pain and prevent injury. Our classes are great for people with scoliosis, hypermobility, low back or knee pain, as well as busy parents, athletes, and people who just can’t stand the gym.


We’re not your mama’s yoga studio. We’re a bunch of rebels, nerds, healers, lightworkers, and activists…


30 Days of Unlimited Yoga & Pilates Mat Classes for Only $67


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