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Senior Instructor Kristin “Kiki” Lovelace:

A joyful and shimmering Spirit, Kiki is known amongst her community for her professionalism, integrity and sparkle. H​er deep love and respect for Forrest Yoga Ceremony, her highly attuned ​Seeing s​kills and direct, kind Truth-Speaking make her a uniquely skilled Forrest Yoga Guardian & Mentor Teacher​. Through her personal yoga and meditation practice and her recent journey into motherhood, she has learned how to see the magic and mystery in what seems quite ordinary and is passionate about teaching her students how to do the same. Kiki has been teaching since 2001 and founded Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga in Berkeley, CA, in 2011. She is a Lead Teacher in Innerstellar’s Stellarflow Yoga Teacher Training as well as the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program & Continuing Education trainings, and takes great pleasure in working with her trainees. She ​brings to her teaching her expertise in leadership, business and career development, physical and energetic anatomy instruction, pre- and postnatal Forrest Yoga and empathic hands on healing. When not teaching, you can find Kiki lying around reading books and making art with her young daughter, doing handstands, taking walks with her family and beloved pit bull Schnitzel Boy or performing with her 1960’s go go dance troupe, The Devil-Ettes!

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Staff Instructor Aviva Levine:

Trained as a Forrest Yoga teacher under Ana Forrest, Aviva is fascinated with the body’s ability to transform and restore health and well being. Her teaching focuses on helping others experience this evolution in themselves. She will guide you into a deeper connection with your body through a practice that is intense-yet-playful. With compassion and humor; she creates classes to help you move towards strength and awareness.

Finding comfort in movement, Aviva studied; ballet, jazz, and modern dance and played competitive ultimate frisbee. After a lifetime of physical activity, multiple injuries led her to find holistic healing through Forrest Yoga. Her classes are an offering of the incredible yet simple techniques she’s gained to strengthen, release and create deeper connection. She specializes in chronic pain, trauma, and injuries. 

Aviva lives in Oakland, and joyfully shares her ever growing bag of tricks in private and group instruction as well as workshops and global retreats.

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Staff Instructor Marisha Doan:

Marisha Doan brings a lifetime of movement expertise to her yoga teaching. She has studied many forms of dance from traditional Uzbek dance, to ballet, to modern, and found the nourishing movement practice of yoga 13 years ago as a complement to her dance training. Unlike the performance orientation of dance, the internal focus of yoga allowed her to experience the deep connection between her body, her mind and her spirit. Through practicing yoga Marisha found the space to explore and heal personal issues such as depression, grief, and disordered eating, as well as rediscover joy and passion including the love of going upside-down and creating new strengths!

Marisha is certified RYT 200 with training from Ana Forrest through the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training and the Samadhi Yoga Center in Seattle, WA, under the guidance of Kathleen Hunt. In addition she has completed 2 years in the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program with Forrest Yoga Guardian Colleen Millen. She is currently working towards full certification in Forrest Yoga.

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Senior Instructor Michelle Cordero:

Michelle Cordero, E-RYT500, brings over twenty years of yoga, dance and bodywork to her yoga teaching. She is a graduate of three of the most highly respected Yoga Teacher Trainings in the country: the original Yogaworks Teacher Training Course (TTC) with Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford, the Ana Forrest TTC, and Shiva Rea’s Embodying the Flow TTC. She met Ana Forrest in 2002 and was inspired by her style enough to fulfill the rigorous requirements to become a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher. Deeply committed to high quality instruction and to evolving her practice, Michelle is delighted to be studying Visionary Craniosacral Work® with Hugh Milne through the Milne Institute; she currently offers craniosacral sessions out of her home in Oakland. See her website below for details and to sign up for a session.

Michelle recently created a special one on one program for women at midlife called Redefine 50. She is a Certified Life Coach, a Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator; and she holds a Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Dramatic Art. She’s dedicated her life to teaching embodiment and to using movement as a path to well-being as well as a form of personal expression. Michelle is also a Licensed S Factor Instructor, proud to lead women of all ages, shapes and sizes in fluid feminine movement – so much more than just a pole dancing class.

Michelle is delighted to be one of the facilitators of the Stellar Flow Teacher Training.

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Senior Instructor Colleen Millen:

Words from Colleen: I flat-out love yoga. I found yoga as a collegiate athlete with broken knees – the mat was the first place I could move my body without pushing into pain. Yoga has been a constant companion in my recovery from depression, anxiety, eating disorder and moving into more brilliant states of being. I’ve been a Forrest Yoga teacher for 16 years and am currently on track to earn my marriage and family therapy license after graduating in 2014 with a master’s degree in somatic psychology.
My classes build strength and empowerment. I encourage students to ride waves of sensation, thoughts and feelings with breath and presence. As I’m constantly inspired by the intersection of psychology and yoga I frequently run class series, workshops and teaching modules on the emotional body and healing.

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Staff Instructor Kay Taylor:

Kay Taylor, RYT-500, loves teaching heart-infused yoga that is both challenging and restorative.  With her nurturing presence she encourages intuitive body awareness and modifications to support your unique body and its ever changing daily condition. Her early years as a massage therapist fuel her wise and caring hands-on assists. 

Kay completed her 200 hour training in Stellarflow Yoga at Innerstellar and 300 hours with Janet Stone in Bhakti Vinyasa (devotional/flow) style. Stellarflow is infused with the intelligent sequencing and powerful core work of Forrest Yoga, and Kay continues to study with beloved senior Forrest teachers. She learned Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater and is currently enrolled in a year long anatomy/alignment training with Harvey Deutch.

When Kay isn’t on the mat, she works with individuals and couples as a well known evolutionary astrologer, integrating this soulful and transformative approach to astrology with her natural clairvoyant gifts and psychosynthesis. Kay teaches astrology, intuitive development and psychosynthesis from beginner through advanced/professional mentoring, lectures at conferences and recently published a book, Soul Path Way. That leaves just enough time for family, two highly personable cats, their nemesis, the adorable dog, long soaks in water, and a passion for cooking and creativity.

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 Staff Instructor Kari Jacobsen:

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Kari appreciates the balance of yin and yang qualities in her life and likewise, teaches both vigorous heat-building styles and contemplative restoring styles of yoga. As a teacher she embodies a smooth union of science-minded knowledge and heart-centered intuition. The ease and clarity of her teaching provides a welcoming environment for students with inquiring minds and bodies. She infuses her classes with intelligent, mindful-based practices. The support of Kari’s respectful hands-on assists helps students unravel areas of tension and restriction.

Kari completed her 200-hr foundation teacher training in Forrest Yoga and continues to study with Ana Forrest. Additional trainings with Sarah Powers in Yin Yoga and an advanced teacher training guided by Daniel Orlansky in Yoga of Energy Flow greatly influence her teaching. Ongoing study of CranioSacral Therapy with The Upledger Institute informs her hands-on assists.

Recently relocated from Boston, Kari is excited to discover and contribute to the Forrest Yoga community in the Bay Area. When not doing yoga, she works as a mechanical engineer investigating train accidents.

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 Staff Instructor Rebecca Vasile:


Rebecca Vasile is a lover of life and movement. A dancer since her toddler years, she has continued to move, shimmy and glide through the world as an instructor and performer of various movement genres – her main dish being bellydance, yoga and Pilates. Dedicated to helping people, and particularly women, understand, heal and feel proud of their bodies, Rebecca has researched and studied bellydance, birth, the pelvic floor and numerous movement modalities. She is a certified pre and postnatal Pilates instructor through The Center for Women’s Fitness and is certified in The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery. She became a Certified Stellarflow yoga instructor in 2013 under the tutelage of Kiki Lovelace, Michelle Cordero, Destiny Eurkus and Colleen Millen and has had the pleasure of assisting both Michelle and Kiki in their classes. Rebecca studied Pilates Mat instruction with Tom McCook and completed her entire apparatus education in Kiki Lovelace’s Innercore training. Her classes combine all her various knowledge and experiences in an easy-going and joyful manner. She loves to assist others in feeling more connected to their bodies and revel in the fun, curious ways in which we can move.

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 Staff Instructor Emiko Oye:


Emiko Oye is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher in Forrest Yoga (200-hr) and Hatha Yoga (200-hr), based in San Francisco where she first discovered yoga in 1997 after moving to California from Cleveland. Yoga is the key to her sanity, helping to maintain balance and de-stress from her dual life as self-employed business owner of jewelry design company, emiko-o. 

Through a dedicated yoga practice she has reshaped her posture to live in the body she’s always wanted, overcome food addictions, and made the realization that deep breathing on and off the mat is the key to self-nourishment. She has studied under Ana Forrest, completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation and Advanced Teacher Trainings, Mentorship Program, and currently assists Senior Teacher Colleen Millen.

Emiko teaches from a place of compassion and inclusion – all feel welcomed and attended to no matter what skill or experience level. If you’re recovering from injuries, chronic issues, or affected by stress, her hands-on assists help guide you to work through your blockages and get into feeling with your wiser self. Her mindfully sequenced sessions challenge and delight, leading you to find your grounding, develop a fierce core, and own your inner strength and softness.

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 Staff Instructor Abbie Dutterer:


With a teaching style that offers individuals a compassionate space to be themselves, Abbie is dedicated to letting students explore how yoga resonates with their bodies and unique needs. Abbie is passionate about the physical and emotional sides of yoga, and the transformative power of facing down fears and tight hamstrings. She teaches vigorous and playful classes deeply rooted in the Forrest tradition, with a focus on the breath and smart sequencing. Abbie completed her initial 200-hr teacher training with her primary teacher, Pete Guinosso, and recently completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Ana Forrest. She is an active board member of Lemonade, a non-profit organization that brings yoga to San Francisco’s Juvenile Hall. She teaches weekly classes to incarcerated youth and is dedicated to bringing mindful movement to teenagers. Abbie recently left her corporate job to pursue writing and yoga teaching full-time. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two furry gurus.

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 Staff Instructor Alison Hammond Castro:


Alison’s passion is to grow, inspire and connect. She is a Level 2 Certified Forrest Yoga teacher and has a Master’s degree in Education. She brings over twenty years of teaching experience with all ages and multiple disciplines. She has found Forrest Yoga to be one of the most pedagogically sound and brilliant teaching systems in all of her studies, travels and experiences worldwide. She has mentored for one year each with Forrest Yoga guardians Brian Campbell and Erica Mather to further her teaching, seeing, and hands on assisting skills. She has been assisting Ana Forrest on a regular basis since 2015 in both trainings and workshops. Working with Ana is empowering, illuminating and educational and she is super excited to continue the journey. Forrest Yoga allows Alison to channel her gift of intuitive touch into healing. Her classes build awareness of breath and alignment, develop strength, help students find more internal space and deepen their connection with their own body and inner wisdom. Alison has a grounding presence and the ability to gently spark change wherever she goes.

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 Staff Instructor Shu Liu:


Shu began meditation and yoga in 2004 to recover from a physical and mental breakdown caused by stress. Through teaching yoga, he hopes to help others find more ease and enjoyment in their lives while still working towards their goals. He believes that external achievement goes hand-in-hand with internal growth–that the process of pursuing our goals strengthens us while our emotions are the key to unlocking physical manifestations. Shu sees yoga as a safe and effective way to practice finding alignment between these two worlds.

Outside of yoga, Shu continues to work in educational technology. He also loves dance music and has been DJ’ing since 2002. He enjoys various forms of movement including running, cycling, rock climbing, weight lifting, and dancing.
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 Staff Instructor Carlo Dela Cruz:


Carlo’s yoga practice started off as a physical complement to his adventures as a rock climber, and has grown to what he describes as a moving meditation. A graduate of the Stellarflow Yoga Teacher Training here at Innerstellar, Carlo brings to his teaching a heartfelt desire to create a safe and inclusive space where his students can focus inside, learn to be more present and aware, and delight in getting stronger and more playful. He melds the healing aspects of a Forrest Yoga-inspired practice with a fluid, mindfully sequenced Vinyasa-style that is accessible to everyone by using modifications and props. All you’ll need is yourself and your willingness to try.

Staff Instructor Jacqui Ferraiolo:


Words from Jacqui: I found my way to a yoga class when I was 18 because I heard it was supposed to “help reduce stress.” After stumbling my way through my first few classes, I became enraptured with the way yoga asks you to come as you are and to accept all parts of yourself. When I found Forrest Yoga, I began to understand how thought and physical patterns in my practice also showed up in my life and that I could use the practice to safely work on new skills in a controlled environment.

In my classes, you will learn to move intentionally with breath so that each moment is grounded in truth and you can begin to discover the full range of your abilities. You will work with careful attention to safely get into postures and illuminate what shows up in the practice to move towards healing and growth – whether that means in flexibility, strength, or personal development. What I love about this practice is that it gives you to the tools to stand fully in who you are and the confidence and strength to live your most authentic self. With laughs, hard work, and full breaths, I hope to guide each of my students to this point.