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(Level 1-2)

Learn how to use your yoga for deep healing in these slower-paced, candlelit evening classes. Expect gentle stretches, strengthening poses with longer holds, and a luxurious restorative Savasana. With a focus on restful poses & meditation, this class will help you to calm the nervous system, quiet the mind & rejuvenate the body.

Forrest Yoga

(All Levels)

Designed for the beginning and intermediate student with up-level postures given for more advanced yogis. This class will help you experience the many benefits of Forrest Yoga: building core strength, stretching and strengthening your muscles and creating space in your joints so you can walk through your life with more grace and ease. You will also build the foundation for the thrilling advanced poses — inversions, backbends, deep hip openers, and arm balances. Room is heated to generate a cleansing sweat.



Slow down so you can breathe, feel, strengthen, and heal. Perfect for beginners, students over the age of 50, folks working with injuries or chronic illness, and advanced students who need a more restful practice. This class will cover all the basics of pranayama (breathwork), asana (postures), and relaxation.

Forrest Yoga

(Level 2-3)

Go Deeper! Learn to feel and move energy as you ride your breath into exhilarating advanced postures. Excellent for working with physical and emotional injuries. This class will help you expand your breath, get strong, build integrity, and access the guidance of your intuition. Room is heated to generate a cleansing sweat.

Stellarflow YOGA BASICS


These community classes are taught by a select number of our recent Stellarflow Yoga Teacher Training graduates, who have completed all the requirements for certification for our 200-plus hour program. They have been trained in intelligent sequencing, skillful demoing & cueing and caring hands-on assists. These graduates bring their great enthusiasm and passion for teaching to their Stellarflow Basics classes. They welcome students new to Stellarflow to a warm and judgement-free learning environment, where everyone is invited to learn, heal and grow. Release tight neck and shoulders, heal back pain and learn how to breathe deeply and comfortably. Great for beginners and more advanced students who are yearning for a more easeful practice. With an emphasis on intelligent sequencing and functional alignment, this class will cover the basics of pranayama (breathwork) and asana (postures) while strengthening weak areas and melting away tension.




Our studio’s signature yoga style, Stellarflow classes are a brilliant blend of a more flowing style of Vinyasa with Forrest Yoga principles—deep breath, core strength, intelligent sequencing and caring hands-on assists—to help you feel safe and supported. In these mindful yet dynamic classes, you will learn how to sync up your breath with asanas (postures) to help heal your injuries and pain, melt tension and build strength.



When we feel marginalized or oppressed, it dampens our spirit and shuts down our heart. As people of color, we experience that every day. People of color have become adept at fighting for their rights and the rights of others. As admirable as that is, it still takes a toll on the body and the soul when the nervous system is on edge and in a constant state of stress. The purpose of this class is to create a safe space for people of color to come together and enjoy the healing benefits of yoga, so that we can release stress, pain and tension and shine even brighter. 

YIN & Restorative Yoga

(All Levels)

Restore the body and harness the mind with this nourishing blend of Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. As you learn to relax the body into the moment, through support from props and mindful awareness to sensation, the mind becomes more attentive to the body.  Yin Yoga lets the body’s deep layers of connective tissue begin to unwind through a sequence of passively held floor-postures.  The use of Restorative Yoga poses helps the body deeply relax. This class is an excellent complement to the more active styles of yoga offered at Innerstellar.

Yoga & pilates flow

(All Levels)

Enliven your core and open up your joints and muscles in this refreshing Pilates & Yoga Flow class! You’ll learn how to apply the intelligence and precision of Pilates to your Forrest-inspired yoga practice, connecting your core to your limbs for easier breathing and more awareness, embodiment and comfort. Leave class feeling awake, alive and centered with more freedom in your hips, spine, neck and shoulders.

LATECOMER POLICY: For your own safety and well-being, please arrive to your class no later than 15 minutes after the start time of your class/workshop, or you may not be let in.