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Innerstellar's Fall Open House!

DATES:  Saturday September 13th 1-4pm
cost: FREE 



Join us for complimentary 30-minute Forrest Yoga, Stellarflow Yoga, Pilates Mat and Reformer, Springboard and Wunda Chair classes! Stay for the Innercore Pilates Teacher Training Q & A with Kiki from 3:15-4pm!

Luxury Snacks!

  • Tea & Refreshments!
  • Raffle Giveaways!
  • 20% Discounts off 5- and 10- class packages!*

*These discounts are available only to students who come to the Open House and pay for these sessions from 1-4pm on Saturday September 13th.


The Path of Wisdom: A Shamanic Series

DATES:  Thursdays 7:30-9pm September 18 - October 9
cost: $120 for the Series 
Your Teacher: Destiny Eurkus



Shamanism is an ancient and powerful practice that can help us thrive during challenging and changing times.  This course is designed to help you connect deeper to your own internal wisdom and to your helping Spirits so that you may access your truth and path of the heart.  You will be taught how to trust and listen to your intuition and to use all your senses to access wisdom and guidance for your life. This class is perfect for beginners with no shamanic backround and for those who want to deepen their journey practice. Week 1: Kava Ceremony, Connecting to Senses, Meeting Your Wiser Self Week 2: The Shamanic Journey/ Meeting your Power Animal Week 3: Shamanic Journey /Meeting your Teachers/ Ancestors Week 4: Building relationships with your guides and building your altar.


    Functional Anatomy for Movement Teachers


      Saturday September 20th: Get Down to Your Roots

    • 12-3pm Hip & Thigh, Knees & Feet
    • 4-7pm Breathing Structures & Abdomen
    • Sunday September 21st:Supple Spine, Vital Heart

    • 12-3pm Spine and Neck
    • 4-7pm Shoulders, Forearms and Wrists

    cost:  $100 for one 3-hour module or $300 for all four modules
    Your Teacher: Innerstellar's Director of Education Kristin 'Kiki' Lovelace



        This course is open to bodyworkers, teachers AND dedicated students of Pilates & yoga. It is a part of the Innercore Pilates Teacher Training and qualifies for Continuing Education credits with Yoga Alliance.

        In this exciting and illuminating education course, we will dive deep into the fascinating world of the anatomy of movement. We'll learn about exact location and function of the key joints of the body, as well as origin, attachment and function of important "mover" muscles. We'll explore the emotional body and chakras and learn how these energetic systems play a vital role in one's well-being and comfort. To appeal to various learning styles of the participants, we'll use a dynamic combination of lecture, slideshow, visual and tactile aids, hands on explorations and movement sequences to learn about the function and design of the human body.

        Awakening the Wisdom of the Psoas

        DATES:  Saturday September 27th 1-3pm
        cost:  $40
        Your Teacher: Aviva Levine



          The Psoas, a bio-intelligent tissue often referred to as the 'muscle of the soul,' is the deepest muscle of the human body. Its resilience affects structural balance, flexibility, strength, range of motion, joint mobility, and organ functioning. The stress of our fast-paced modern lifestyle can chronically trigger and tighten the psoas – making it literally ready to run, fight or freeze. This can lead to a host of painful conditions including low back pain, sacroiliac pain, sciatica, disc problems, scoliosis, hip degeneration, knee pain, menstruation pain, infertility, immune system and adrenal gland depletion and digestive complications.

          Influenced by her own journey of debilitating dis-ease, Aviva created this workshop to share her fascination and wisdom of the psoas. This 2-hour workshop is designed to begin to awaken, heal and release this powerful, wise area with a deep Forrest-inspired sequence. All levels welcome.


        Intermediate/Advanced Pilates Mat 8-Week Series

        DATES:  Thursday nights, 7:45-9pm October 2 - November 20
        cost:  $200 for the series; $30 for a single class as available
        Your Teacher: Kristin 'Kiki' Lovelace



          Uplevel your Pilates practice in this fun and challenging mat class! You'll learn the Intermediate & Advanced Repertoire, with moves to help challenge your balance, coordination and core control. Practicing with an exquisite attention to alignment, you'll learn how to move without tension, even as you up the pace and rigor of your practice. Come to Pilates Mat Level 2-3 to focus your mind, calm your nervous system and enliven your entire body! For students well-versed in the Pilates Method who have a regular (2-3 times a week) practice. Class size is limited so sign up early to reserve your spot!



        Pilates on a Roll

        DATES:  Saturday October 11th 1-3pm
        cost:  $40
        Your Teacher: Lila Heller



          Increase your body awareness, improve your posture, and challenge your balance and core! ​​In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn how how to integrate ​foam roller techniques ​into your ​current ​exercise regime,​ whether that be Pilates, yoga, strength training, running, ​dancing, ​swimming or biking​, for more ease, alignment and efficiency​.​

          ​You will start with foam roller moves to release ​tension in the primary fascial system—bands of fibrous connective tissue enveloping, separating, or binding together muscles and other soft structures of the body. Progressing deeper, highly experienced Pilates Instructor Lila Heller will lead you through a rejuvenating and challenging Pilates workout​ on the roller​ to condition your weak areas and develop strength and​ fluidity​.


The 7 Chakras: Your Roadmap to Center

DATES:  Thursday evenings 8pm-9:30pm, October​ ​16 - November​ 20
cost:  $150 early bird if you register by October 9th or $180 regular price​
Your Teacher: Michelle Cordero



    Join Michelle on this journey to increase your awareness and understanding of the chakra system through the physical practice of yoga. Far from being just a New Age novelty, ​the study of c​ hakras come ​s​ from an ancient yoga tradition dating back to the Vedic period (1500-500BCE). The chakras provide a roadmap toward the yogi's goal of greater awareness and transformation.

    Michelle skillfully combines her studies of Forrest Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Energetic Anatomy to offer a practical approach to understanding and feeling this subtle energy body. Each class will focus around a different chakra, with a strong yoga practice interwoven with deep healing and process work ​ ​ as the vehicle for creating an embodied understanding of these energy centers.

    ​This workshop is appropriate for strong beginners through advanced with a minimum of six months of yoga practice experience.


    Weekend Workshops

    DATES:  Saturday October 18th
    cost:  $40 per person for a single workshop; $60 for both ​
    Your Teacher: Forrest Yoga Guardian & Mentor Heidi Sormaz



      1-3pm Climbing the Walls: A Forrest Yoga Intensive Class

      What is true strength? I believe it is the courage to accept what is actually happening and then respond appropriately. You will have an opportunity to find and work with your edge of physical strength and mental acuity by literally climbing the walls in this Forrest Yoga intensive class. We will find our center and then reorient ourselves with breath and asana to align with our true strength.  This workshop is intermediate/advanced and not appropriate for someone with severe shoulder injury.  

      4 - 6pm Cultivate Connection: Meditation, Attention and Energy

      Ever feel like you were standing behind a wall and could not connect with the person right in front of you? Use this workshop to practice generating healthy connection. The workshop includes meditation, attention, and qigong/energy  techniques to help you better connect with your whole being and each other. Taking responsibility for connecting with yourself and recognizing what you do and do not have control over enables you to genuinely connect in any situation  regardless of external circumstances. No experience with meditation or yoga necessary!

      ABOUT HEIDI: Heidi Sormaz, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, and Forrest Yoga Mentor Teacher owns Fresh Yoga studios in CT. She has studied yoga for 19 years and taught for 12. Her classes are unique combining psychology, meditation and yoga. She currently teaches the Forrest Yoga 200-hr Teacher Training, teaches and designed the Fresh Yoga 200-hr Teacher Training, and travels nationally to present workshops and teacher trainings. Heidi has taught at Kripalu, The Esalen Institute and at the Windhorse Forrest Yoga Conferences. She has been featured in Yoga Journal and was selected by The Great Course to design their first course on yoga; Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body. HDR Press published her book Performing Under Pressure, and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine published her article "Meditation can Reduce Habitual Responding."



    Bay Area Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program

    DATES:  April 25-26, 2015June 27-28, 2015September 12-13, 2015December 5-6, 2015 *Four bridge calls TBA
    cost:  $1,500, The FYMP is for FYTTC graduates only
    Your Teacher: Colleen Millen, E-RYT500, Forrest Yoga Guardian Teacher Assisted by Kiki Lovelace, E-RYT200, Guardian-in-Training

    Click here to register.

      Payment plans available at this time, payment due in full by April 25, 2014. A $400 deposit is due April 18 to secure your space. No refunds or transfers after the first workshop.  Refunds before the first workshop are subject to an administrative fee. Tuition is non-transferrable and FYMP Attendance Policy applies at the first workshop date and after. Deadline for registration: April 18, 2014. Contact Colleen to register:  925-487-4592,  contact@bluebuddhayoga.com,  www.bluebuddhayoga.com

      Program info: Colleen brings the Hoop of the teachers a vast understanding of psychological process and group dynamics via the graduate degree she's earning in somatic psychology. Post graduation (which is coming soon!), she'll be working toward a license as a marriage and family therapist. Her assistant, Kiki Lovelace, is a Guardian in Training and owner of Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga, so you'll also benefit from Kiki's superpowers in leadership, business development, anatomy instruction and Pilates.

       With your investment in the FYMP you will gain:

    • A FULL year of support from a Forrest Yoga community of teachers and from Colleen and Kiki. Through the quarterly workshops and bridge calls, you will receive around 40 hours of quality instruction!
    • Deep exploration of Forrest Yoga ceremony and teaching processes. The content of this program is rich. We explore smudging practices, Calling in the Four Directions, using a Talking Stick in Talking Circle and so much more! Each workshop we will lead you through a meditation period, intensive class, ceremony, Seeing Circles, hands-on assisting clinics, Forrest Yoga class sequencing exercises and teaching feedback.
    • Guidance from a senior certified Forrest Yoga teachers who have been there! Colleen sure understands the commitment it takes to earn certification. Certified in 2001, Colleen deeply appreciates the homework requirements as a gateway to personal growth and learning. 
    • Testimonials:

       "Colleen has a clarity about her that is akin to befriending a deep mountain lake. If you have the honor and privilege to be able to work with her, take it."
      —Ana Forrest

       "I highly recommend and encourage those interested in the Mentorship Program to go for it! ... After a seven year break from finishing my teacher training with Ana in 2001, the Mentorship Program completely reinvigorated me and reconnected me with the Hoop of Teachers. My yoga classes have jumped from 4 or 5 students up to 25! Bonding with the other Mentees and our teachers was the highlight of my past year. As always, Forrest Yoga creates the foundation for Walking in Beauty."
      —Lora Schoen, 2008-2009 FYMP graduate

      "Colleen is committed to the process and it shows. She puts her 100% into organizing FYMP so we can learn and stay fascinated with the process of personal growth as well as growth as a yoga teacher. The FYMP helped figure out what I should do with my career path."
      —Silvie Hibon, 2011-2012 FYMP graduate

      Movement Strategies that Support Heroes in Motion: A Continuing Ed Course for Pilates Instructors

      DATES:  Saturday and Sunday 1/25-1/26 12-8pm
      cost:  $1,500, The FYMP is for FYTTC graduates only
      Your Teacher: Elizabeth Larkam

      $600; register at bbu.pilates.com

        This course is designed to prepare instructors to work with clients who are experiencing severe challenges to motor control. The course includes case studies, review of recent research, instructional practices and key movement sequences in the contemporary Pilates environment to facilitate proximal organization and control of gait. Also included are movement sequences appropriate for clients with vestibular dysfunction, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress syndrome and prosthetic limb(s). 

        Balanced Body supports Heroes in Motion (TM), an initiative of the Pilates Method Alliance that raises awareness of the work of Pilates instructors dedicated to facilitating functional movement for those who experience severe impediments to motor control. Heroes in Motion supports the development of an international network of Pilates teachers who share in this endeavor, and highlights the therapeutic power of the Pilates Method. 

        For more information go to the PMA Heroes In Motion section.