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Marisa Kelly: 

marisaOur coaching sessions can address absolutely anything that is a factor for you. Sexuality, social life, self care, stress management, and purpose to name just a few examples. Coaching sessions are a safe space for you to process, and the goals of the coaching sessions are creatively generated by you through fun exercises of self revelation.

The work remains centered on your goals, as well as the reality of what is going on in your life. I guide you to find your truest expression and authentic next steps. I am devoted to you having the most fulfilling life of your dreams. I believe that the intentionality that coaching brings to your life will aid you in your health.

To find out more or to book an appointment call me at (510) 364-5839 or email me at


Kay Taylor:

Kay is a compassionate and experienced evolutionary astrologer, integrating her natural psychic abilities with various energy modalities for over thirty years. She is known for nuanced readings that weave together practical, clear and grounded information with a wise, spiritual perspective.

Deeper ongoing work often includes Kay’s unique blend of ‘astrosynthesis’ — guided inner processwork based on your chart’s wisdom or personal goals, psychosynthesis and spiritual energy work. This work integrates subconscious parts, releases past life energies or emotional blocks, and empowers you to shift old habit patterns to make choices aligned with your authentic soul path.

Kay is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained for three years with Firman & Gila of Psychosynthesis Palo Alto, is a graduate of the Academy for Astrological Psychology, and was an advanced apprentice of Steven Forrest (Evolutionary Astrology — no relation to Ana!). She is also a Consulting Skills trainer for ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research and is ISAR CAP certified and NCGR Level II certified. She lectures at professional astrological conferences and leads international retreats, workshops and webinars. Her book, Soul Path Way (releasing June 2016), integrates all of these streams of wisdom and transformative potential.

Yoga practice is a cornerstone of Kay’s spiritual practice. She trained in Stellarflow here at Innerstellar, received advanced training through Janet Stone Yoga and various advanced teachers and is now certified as RYT-500. Kay is thrilled to be part of the Forrest Yoga tribe and is available for readings/consultations at Innerstellar on Saturdays and in Emeryville on other days.

You may find out more, read amazing testimonials or book a session online at


Nicole DeVito, MA, MFT

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

When the going gets tough, I head towards the dance floor, a friendly horse, coconut frosted cupcakes, and a real and honest ally. In other words, when I feel stuck in old blueprints from the past, I reach towards a resource, something or someone that allows me to move, to make new choices, and find my way back to that place of grounded inspiration where I feel most at home. Nothing gets me there quite as fast as being in the company of a trusted confidante or the presence of a 1000-pound horse.

As a somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapist, I would be delighted to be your ally, a real and honest presence, to work collaboratively with to help you move towards greater aliveness, and find your equivalent of that big horse or a coconut frosted cupcake. Together we will explore safe, unique and creative ways to break old cycles, identify resources and connect you to the part of yourself that has always been authentic and radiant.

Raised in the chaotic landscape of a spirited Italian family, I began my “unofficial” counseling career as a very young child as a peacemaker. My approach to psychotherapy draws from these childhood experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as a combination of the true grit, openness and curiosity that allowed me to navigate through diverse cultures and challenging situations, during my first career as an international documentary photojournalist. In addition, my style blends elements of psychotherapy, somatic psychology, Buddhist psychology, communication skills, movement, the arts, trauma work, school counseling, my love of animals, and a healthy dose of good old-fashioned humor.

I work with adults, teens and couples.

Learn more about Nicole at or call to schedule an appointment at 510-496-6090.


Robin Noel Morales, MA LMFT

I work with the belief that all beings have the inherent ability to be well and their best selves. Through traumatic experiences, the pace of life, and other circumstances that challenge us, we can lose our way. We’ll explore your internal inspiration, and the needs and strengths that might have become buried over time and what in the external pieces of your life, work, relationships, habits and stressors can be addressed with a focus on moving you forward to the life you deserve to have.

I specialize in working with young people. It feels important to be a safe, supportive, honest and consistent adult who can be available for what they need. Moving adolescents and families through the strain of growing into adulthood is one of the areas I feel I do my best work. I’ve worked for years with system involved youth. My experience includes working within legal systems as well as helping people to recover from intense trauma and substance dependance. I’m a certified yoga instructor and use breathing and guided meditation exercises to facilitate relaxation, when people feel comfortable and interested in empowering themselves with techniques to self-sooth effectively.

I can be reached at or call 510-907-1389 to set up a free twenty minute initial consult. You can learn more about my practice at


Rachel Kaplan, MFT:

Let’s face it:  Life is amazing, truly a gift…AND life is hard.  Relationships are challenging and demanding.  Rent and mortgages are expensive; working to afford them can be stressful.  Then there are the deep callings, stirrings, and hurts inevitable with being a human.  How do we become the woman or man we are here to be?  How will we ever trust again after the heartbreak we have known?  Even when all those stresses and challenges are going our way, and despite having blessed and abundant lives, many of us are walking around with this nagging empty feeling that somehow we don’t deserve it, like we have fooled the world and if we were truly known, people would see we are unlovable or not enough.  Likely, we have learned how to accommodate for this pain and hide it, even from ourselves.  

IT IS POSSIBLE to heal these deep down wounds.  Not just learn to hobble around with them, hiding them, but to actually heal them and feel worthy and sufficient.

This is my calling and joy in life—almost an obsession.  It is what I study and invest in for myself, what I talk about in my relationships.  I love being a companion and guide to people courageously turning toward their hurts and their truths with the intention to heal.  I’m confident I can help support and catalyze your healing journey, and/ or just help you deal with life!

Through our relationship focused on your experience of yourself and your life, I will support you showing up to your challenges, whether internal or external with greater authenticity and ease.  You will learn to relate to your wounded parts in a way that actually enables you to overcome their crippling limitations, not just hide them from yourself and the world.  

There are many therapists and types of therapists.  You should contact me if you long for a supportive and collaborative relationship that will help you transform.  We will create safety for you to truly be yourself, and then with skill and precision, help you become adept at feeling your feelings and truly giving care to yourself and your life, so you can flourish. 

I’ve worked as a psychotherapist for over a decade and blend a life time commitment to growth and healing with years of academic and personal study in East Asian religion and meditation in India and Nepal.  I started teaching Forrest yoga in 2002, and while currently working exclusively as a psychotherapist, I draw deeply on the mind-body connection.  In addition to practicing present centered and emotionally attuned talk therapy, I also do EMDR, a tested, effective, and amazing modality that resolves trauma and underlying negative beliefs and wounded experience through bi-lateral brain stimulation.  My primary mentor for the last many years is a traditional Apache healer who works with earth connection, and primitive earth skills.   Each client relationship brings out a different blend of these ancient and cutting edge, East-West healing modalities that I carry, since each relationship is uniquely shaped to you and your needs. 

If you need support for yourself and your life, I’m honored to help.  

Contact me:  Rachel Kaplan 415-963-3545

For more information on my practice, visit

Eve Arbel, MA:

Eve Arbel is a Holistic Counselor offering integrative healing for individuals, couples, and groups. With a background in expressive arts, movement, and somatic psychology, Eve specializes in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression, relationships, addictions, loss, illness, and personal and collective evolution. Drawing upon connection to nature and spirituality, Eve weaves together Eastern and Western healing modalities to help you thrive and come more fully into your highest potential. Learn more or schedule a free phone consultation at