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Our “Feels Fear but Does It Anyway” Leader, Kristin “Kiki” Lovelace:

Kristin ‘Kiki” Lovelace began her career in movement at the age of six in tap shoes and a pink tutu, and took her first yoga class at age eighteen. She considers her own daily Pilates, Forrest Yoga and Vipassana Meditation practice as her foundation for healing, growing and evolving as a human being. She has been teaching full-time since 2001, and has a particular gift for helping students work with injuries and chronic pain.

As Owner and Director of Education at Innerstellar, Kiki is a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher, Certified Pilates Instructor and anatomy nerd. Her passion for functional alignment and the therapeutic applications of Pilates and Forrest Yoga sprouted from her 5-year apprenticeship with her mentor, master educator and healer, Pilates Instructor Tom McCook.

Kiki opened Innerstellar in 2011, and delights in the ever-emerging beauty of each of her students, staff and teachers. She has deep reverence and gratitude for her Forrest Yoga Hoop, including her dear teacher and friend Ana T. Forrest, and all of her Forrest Yoga colleagues and students. When not teaching, she is often volunteering, meditating, hiking and hanging out with her friends and loved ones in the East Bay or performing with her 1960’s go go dance troupe, The Devil-Ettes!


Staff Instructor Alissa Gibbins:

Alissa's approach to holistic fitness uses the inner power of the body to uplift the spirit and mind. She believes that physical movement and health form the center-piece of a deeply satisfying life. She earned her BA in American Studies from UC Santa Cruz in 2007, and began studying dance and martial arts at age seventeen. After experiencing the healing power of Pilates practice first hand, Alissa completed her certification in Pilates apparatus and mat work through Integrated Teacher Training, of the San Francisco Bay. She specializes in athletic Pilates, pre and post-natal Pilates, and injury prevention and recovery.

Alissa’s also an avid vocalist, pole dancer, meditator, hiker, and magic maker. She was born and raised in Oakland, Ca.


Staff Instructor Ena Dallas:

Ena Dallas first discovered Pilates while working as a trapeze artist. She was in need of a form of exercise to balance out her body along side her rigorous acrobatic training.

After retiring from The Starlings duo trapeze, she earned her Interdisciplinary Bachelors degree at CIIS, where she studied Somatic psychology and Cultural studies. She then developed an acrobatic program at Oakland Technical High School where she continues to use Pilates exercises to cross train her talented teenage students.

Ena did her Pilates teacher training at EHS in San Francisco with the fabulous Ruthie Wahlborg as her private instructor. She has taught Pilates formally for 2 years, and is constantly more and more amazed by the brilliance of the method, and the grace of movement it brings.


Staff Instructor Lila Heller:

Lila Heller grew up in the mountains of Southern Oregon where she was raised on organic food from her family’s garden. She swam in the pristine waters of the river, ran, biked, practiced yoga and danced her way to adulthood. These early influences led her to pursue a study of dance and movement in college and as a career path. After graduating with a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and Dance in 2001, Lila ventured to Salvador Bahia, Brazil at the invitation of Rosangela Silvestre to study modern dance. While living in Brazil, she began her study of pilates where she trained and earned her certification at Atelier Do Corpo under the tutelage of Jacqueline Borges.

Lila has now been teaching private and group pilates in the Bay Area for over seven years. She inspires and challenges her clients to experience the most out of their bodies and lives through the philosophy of pilates breathing, centering, precision, fluid control of movement, body awareness and concentration. She became a certified personal trainer in 2007 and continues to satisfy her desire to learn more by taking ITT master level workshops in pilates. Some of her training includes: Kinetic Control with Chad Brenzikefer, Advanced Mat with Ashley Beldon, Pilates for athletes with Joerg Chabowski and Functional Training with Don Lawson as well as yoga and nutrition classes.

Lila uses a variety of techniques in order to meet the many different goals of her clients. From wanting to gain strength before and after pregnancy, experiencing a pain free body, training to run a marathon or compete in pro baseball, or horseback riding. She is a firm believer in the “less is more” philosophy. In her spare time, Lila can be found dancing, practicing yoga, traveling and playing with her four-year-old daughter (who also loves to do pilates).


Staff Instructor Melanie Clifford:

For most of Melanie’s life, she has been involved in movement, and the study of movement, eventually getting a degree in Dance, with a focus in Kinesiology. Along with her college experience, she has integrated Pilates and bodywork into her style of teaching. She continues to study biomechanics by taking workshops, courses, and classes with Pilates elders and masters.

Melanie is currently on the faculty of Balanced Body as an instructor trainer, and has recently become certified as a yoga instructor.


Staff Instructor Ryn Singley:

On my ninth birthday, my mom surprised me with what she thought would be the best gift, tuition to a ballet class. Having grown up in Texas with an older brother in a neighborhood full of boys, I looked at this gift with ultimate distain. Though I wouldn’t tell her this for many years, her initial insight proved true. I loved dancing, and the full awareness of my body in space actually made me better at climbing trees, building forts, and playing flag football (not to mention walking like a “lady” and all the silly stuff that Southern girls are supposed to do.)

As a pilates instructor, it is a complete thrill to help someone discover that connection with their own body and subsequently feel how it improves their daily lives. My passion is to blend technical expertise and contagious enthusiasm to help clients reach their goals whether they are new to exercise or are already a fitness buff or professional athlete. There are so many layers to the pilates method, that it continually gets more challenging as you practice and is appropriate for almost anyone. It is truly an exercise that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Ryn has been practicing pilates since 2005 and is certified by Ellie Herman Studios.

Staff Instructor Magdalena Dittmer:

Magdalena is a Bay Area native who was initially drawn to Pilates because it helped to correct her Scoliosis.  Over time she found Pilates to be a powerful tool for healing injuries, correcting posture and building self-confidence. As a result she is a passionate believer in the healing abilities of Pilates and is dedicated to helping others stabilize and align their bodies so they may live free from pain! She graduated from the Ellie Herman Pilates teacher training in 2011 and became a rehab specialist after years of continuing education. She completed the "Movement Medicine Rehab Program" at Turning Point Studios in 2013.

Staff Instructor Ashley Chubrik:

Ashley is a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast who first came to pilates after a running injury several years ago. She discovered a love of Pilates that has since turned into a passion for teaching and sharing the method with others. Ashley has practiced pilates consistently since her first session over a decade ago - even through three pregnancies! She credits pilates with helping to rehabilitate a chronic hip injury, increasing flexibility and keeping her fit and strong. She enjoys working with clients of all different levels to help them achieve their specific goals.

Ashley began the certification process with Ellie Herman Studios in 2010 and has completed over 500 hours in training. She feels fortunate to be surrounded by such dedicated and knowledgeable trainers who she learns from on a daily basis. She continues to deepen her knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics through seminars and workshops throughout the Bay Area. When she's not practicing pilates, Ashley can usually be found engaged in her other favorite form of exercise - chasing after her three young kids!

Staff Instructor Miriam Drace:

Miriam has been fascinated by the human form for most of her life, originally as a dancer and now as a Pilates trainer and student of Physiology. She began practicing the Pilates method about 12 years ago as a tool for strength building and correcting alignment for her dance training. Since then, she has become very passionate about Pilates and integrative health as a full-time career. She also has a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology and Dance from Skidmore College in New York.

Miriam is very intuitive. She understands that each person has different needs mentally, emotionally, and physically for healing and for fitness. She brings this sensitivity and resourcefulness to each of her students so they can use the Pilates method to suit their own needs and goals.

Staff Instructor Eyla Josie:

Eyla Josie Moore is a San Francisco native who grew up playing music and dancing. Daughter of the late, great Jazz drummer, Eddie Moore, Eyla is honored to follow in her father's footsteps as an artist and student of movement and music. She holds a B.A. in Dance from San Francisco State University '08 and is also a Certified Dunham Technique Instructor. Eyla won the title of Queen of SF Carnaval and was the recipient of an Isadora Duncan Dance Award in 2011. After college, Eyla was without Pilates for a few years during which time she was dancing rigorously and had developed Plantarfascitis. Within weeks of practicing Pilates again for the Ellie Herman teacher training, Eyla's foot pain was gone! Eyla has been teaching dance for eight years and Pilates for three. Students love Eyla's upbeat, encouraging, challenging and clear instruction. You may have seen her around the studio or taken a class with her already. She's excited to be officially joining the stellar Innerstellar staff!

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