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Pilates Mat

(All Levels)

Based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates, this exercise system involves full body participation and promotes grace, coordination and keen body awareness. Each class combines the traditional weight bearing Pilates exercises with highly effective tension release moves using small props such as Franklin mini-balls, blocks and blankets. Learn to activate to your deep core muscles in each movement while developing muscle tone, flexibility and the self-confidence that comes from getting strong and centered. With an emphasis on releasing unnecessary tension and using efficient biomechanics to reduce wear and tear on the joints, your Pilates Mat workout will make you feel light, lifted and energized for your day.

Pilates Mat Basics

(Level 1)

This class is great for beginners to the Pilates Method, students with chronic neck and shoulder tension or back or knee pain, and those working with injuries who can not yet afford One-on-One sessions. Each class, you'll study the Pilates Fundamentals, basic moves that help foster movement re-patterning to improve function and promote feelings of comfort and ease. You'll wake up and strengthen your Deep Core -- the pelvic floor, transverse abdominus and spinal extensors. Learn to enjoy exercise again in a fun, focused, judgment-free environment!.

Pilates Mat

(Level 2-3)

For students well-versed in the Pilates Method who have a regular (2-3 times a week) practice. Uplevel your Pilates practice in this fun and challenging mat class! You'll learn the Intermediate & Advanced Repertoire, with moves to help challenge your balance, coordination and core control. Practicing with an exquisite attention to alignment, you'll learn how to move without tension, even as you up the pace and rigor of your practice. Come to Pilates Mat Level 2-3 to focus your mind, calm your nervous system and enliven your entire body!

Springboard Mat Machine Classes

(Level 1-2 & Level 2-3)

Make these classes a regular part of your fitness regimen for a fun, focused and insightful way to increase energy and develop your core power! This class combines traditional Pilates matwork with a Springboard resistance training workout. These classes are formatted to provide a total body workout integrating a proper warm-up with upper and lower body strengthening and stretching. It is functional fitness at its best, with exercises in sitting, kneeling and standing postures as well as on the floor mat.

Baby & Me Springboard • Pilates Machine


This class is geared to help women re-center after birth. Using techniques specifically designed for the post-natal body, we'll release and strengthen tight hips, shoulders, and back while creating a strong and supple pelvic floor and core. All bodies and levels of experience welcome. Less than 6 weeks postnatal or 8 weeks post-Cesarean? Check with your care provider before enrolling, and please inform Alissa by emailing

Babies are welcome (pre-crawlers AND crawlers)! Baby-holders will be there to rock, bounce, and play with babies in need of some extra care. Bring a blanket for baby.

Reformer Machine Classes

(Level 1-2 & Level 2-3)

The Reformer is a spring-loaded, resistance-training apparatus that allows for full range of motion with a smooth-gliding carriage. You will strengthen and stretch your entire body, and develop improved balance, muscle tone and alignment, ease of motion and bone density. You will leave your Reformer Class feeling spacious and comfortable in your joints, and refreshed and energized in every cell of your being!

Mixed Machine


In these fun and focused classes, awaken your whole body with functional movement principles to support healing your injuries, melting tension and enlivening your core! You'll use small props like the foam roller, franklin mini balls and magic circle. You'll experience the gifts of the Springboard -- exercises that promote movement re-patterning for a supple spine and intelligent core. You'll get the benefits of the Reformer repertoire -- moves that help you integrate and strengthen your arms, shoulders, hips, legs and feet. You'll leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, taller and more self-confident!

For your own safety and well-being, please arrive to your class no later than 15 minutes after the start time of your
60-minute class/workshop and 20 minutes after the start of your 75, 90 or 120-minute class/workshop,
or you may not be let in.

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