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Why Pilates?

Pilates is a unique, potent and highly adaptable form of mobility and strength conditioning exercise, which teaches you healthy movement foundations, i.e., how to breathe better, stand and sit taller, and move with more ease. It is healing, empowering and challenging! Our experienced and caring teachers will design a program for your individual needs and goals.

One-on-One Pilates Sessions 

To build your strength and self-confidence, we strongly recommend starting out with a handful of Privates. Our experienced and warm-hearted staff will teach you the fundamentals of Pilates technique and alignment in a safe learning environment. We will help you discover modifications of more advanced postures to help you work with your pain, tensions, injuries and muscle imbalances.

Our One-on-One teachers are nurturing and down-to-earth. They will provide a safe learning environment where students can become more conscious of their patterns for improved function and vitality.

These sessions consist of a 55-minute session** with an experienced Certified Practitioner who creates a custom program for your specific abilities, goals and rehabilitative needs. Rates are as follows:

Apprentice Teacher Rates: 
$60 for 1
$290 for 5
$550 for 10

New to One-on-Ones Special: $135 for 3 sessions*

Staff Teacher Rates:
$95 for 1
$450 for 5
$850 for 10

New to One-on-Ones Special: $220 for 3 sessions*

Senior Teacher Rates: 
$115 for 1
$550 for 5
$1050 for 10

*Introductory Package – One time only please!

**85-minute sessions available as well. Click here to view pricing and/or book a session.



Machine Mastery Series:
8 Total Hours — 6 Private Sessions, 12 Equipment Classes.

Set your own schedule:
3 hours of Pilates/week
(2 equipment classes plus 1 private per week)

$850 w/ a Staff Teacher (save over $175!)
$650 w/ an Apprentice Teacher (save over $165!)


Contact one of our Experience Team Members today at (510) 649-1976. We can make recommendations as to which instructor might best suit your needs, and schedule you for your first session. We’d love to be of service, so don’t hesitate to call!

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• New to One-on-Ones Special •

3 for $220
60-min Sessions with a Staff Instructor

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• Apprentice Private Specials •

3 for $135 
60-min Sessions with an Apprentice Instructor

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