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Senior Instructor Magdalena Dittmer:

Magdalena is a Bay Area native who was initially drawn to Pilates because it helped to correct her Scoliosis. Over time she found Pilates to be a powerful tool for healing injuries, correcting posture and building self-confidence. As a result she is a passionate believer in the healing abilities of Pilates and is dedicated to helping others stabilize and align their bodies so they may live free from pain! She graduated from the Ellie Herman Pilates teacher training in 2011 and became a rehab specialist after years of continuing education. She completed the “Movement Medicine Rehab Program” at Turning Point Studios in 2013.



Staff Instructor Megan Fenske:

Megan Fenske is part alchemist, part showgirl, and part science nerd. After a series of injuries took her away from dance, rock climbing and cycling, Megan plunged into her physical healing journey with Pilates and has been hooked ever since. She takes delight not only in the mechanical workings of the human body, but also fascinates on the interconnectedness of our physical and emotional selves, the life-altering metaphors that Pilates brings into focus, and the powerful way that creativity and movement come together. Pilates has been instrumental in her life for it’s ability to heal her injuries, its transformative effect on her relationship with her own body, and for providing a formula for growing through and overcoming weaknesses, making the impossible happen. Megan ignites a passionate curiosity in her students and brings an empathic enthusiasm and playfulness to teaching and pretty much everything else.


Staff Instructor Marisha Doan:

Marisha Doan brings a lifetime of movement expertise to her yoga teaching. She has studied many forms of dance from traditional Uzbek dance, to ballet, to modern, and found the nourishing movement practice of yoga 13 years ago as a complement to her dance training. Unlike the performance orientation of dance, the internal focus of yoga allowed her to experience the deep connection between her body, her mind and her spirit. Through practicing yoga Marisha found the space to explore and heal personal issues such as depression, grief, and disordered eating, as well as rediscover joy and passion including the love of going upside-down and creating new strengths!

Marisha is certified RYT 200 with training from Ana Forrest through the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training and the Samadhi Yoga Center in Seattle, WA, under the guidance of Kathleen Hunt. In addition she has completed 2 years in the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program with Forrest Yoga Guardian Colleen Millen. She is currently working towards full certification in Forrest Yoga.




Staff Instructor Karen Moore:


Words from Karen: I believe that liberation of body, mind and spirit can be achieved through Pilates as a form of mindful movement.  It is through mindful movement that we can connect with our inner strength, creative flow and individual truth.  In 2008, I began my Pilates practice following foot surgery. Pilates helped me to heal faster and become physically, mentally and spiritually stronger. My love and practice of Pilates continued to blossom over the years.  In 2014, I completed a reformer certification with Pilates ProWorks.  In 2016, I completed two comprehensive Pilates training programs with EHS Pilates in San Francisco and its sister studio Innerstellar in Berkeley.  My goal as a wellness professional is to share the gift of Pilates with my students as a resource for healing, self-empowerment and personal freedom.



Staff Instructor Kate Clabby:


Kate found Pilates on her journey to unravel painful muscular clenching caused by emotional holding and long days working on her feet. As she built core strength and learned how to relax in the hips, diaphragm, shoulders, and neck, she found freedom in living and moving from her whole body, rather than just her brain. In her classes, she strives to help all students to come into embodiment, and she is especially passionate about making Pilates accessible to queer folks. Kate believes that every one of her students is already on their own healing path, and she is dedicated to honoring and nurturing her students’ self-knowledge and intuition.



Staff Instructor Marisa Kelly:

Marisa Kelly is a graduate of the Innercore Pilates Teacher Training and Innerstellar’s Pilates Program Manager. As a wellness coach, CoreAlign and Pilates instructor, Marisa creates a warm, judgment-free learning environment where all of her students are invited to start where they are and find new pathways to vibrant health and well-being. She brings her passions for conscious breathing, alignment, functional movement and somatic calm to every class she teaches. With an MA in Integrative Health, Marisa offers a unique understanding of the intersection of Pilates and conscious movement with other aspects of health and healing. She loves her life, and is deeply committed to helping others in any way she can!





Staff Instructor Diana Chen:

Diana’s love of Pilates is about how it makes her feel – calm, centered, and connected. Diana found Pilates while searching for a way to relieve stress. Through her Pilates practice, she was able to address chronic shoulder and back tension, as well as gait imbalances. She also discovered greater strength in body and mind, which helped her to adapt and thrive in life’s many transitions.

Diana encourages her clients to explore the connection between breath and conscious movement. She holds a judgement-free space for her clients to explore, heal, and transform. She enjoys supporting clients throughout their movement experience.

Diana completed a comprehensive Pilates teacher training at Innerstellar. She is also certified by Balanced Body at Agile Monkey. She is passionate about Pilates, and continues to attend classes and workshops.

She loves helping people at every fitness level unlock the movement potential in their own bodies, and feel confident in their own skin.




Staff Instructor Lila Heller:

Specializes in: Injury prevention, rehabilitation, pre-post natal and strength conditioning through the methodology of Pilates, Strength Training, neuromuscular re-education, Zhealth, and foam rolling
My training/fitness philosophy:I firmly believe that when we feel good in our bodies we are inspired to do good in the world. My goal with my work is to help people move better, breath better, and feel better in order for them to live a life that they love.  I treat each client as unique and design a customized program to reach each of their goals. I believe everyday is a new day and the possibilities for change are endless.  
My Story: Lila Heller grew up in the mountains of Southern Oregon. After graduating with a BA in Sociology, Anthropology and Dance in 2001, Lila ventured to Salvador Bahia Brazil at the invitation of Rosangela Silvestre to study modern dance. While living in Brazil, she began her study of Pilates where she trained and earned her Pilates certification at Atelier Do Corpo  under the tutelage of Jacqueline Borges.
Lila has now been teaching private and group Pilates in the Bay Area since 2004.  She became a certified personal trainer (while pregnant) in 2007. She is currently taking Zhealth certification courses. She is founder and co-creator of Retreats for the Mind Body and Soul.  She is committed to creating Retreats and classes that uplift, inspire and change lives.



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