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Working Struggle Free: What’s It Mean to Have an “Advanced” Yoga Practice? By Michelle Cordero I’ve taught a level 2/3 class off and on in my 15 years of teaching yoga. There are things that I love about it, and things that I wish I had the power to change. First, please, please, please do not come to the level 2/3 class just to get a workout.  There are always a few serious athletic typesRead More

What Makes an Extraordinary Yoga Teacher?

Posted on November 9, 2017
What Makes an Extraordinary Yoga Teacher? By Michelle Cordero There is a trap in teaching in a place like the Bay Area where there is so much yoga:  you begin to pander to your students, they expect X so you deliver X.  I feel some teachers just checking off the ‘to-do’ list: Sun salutations, check Something really hard, check check End with a backbend, check Namaste, check.   Does this sound familiar? Have you wonderedRead More

Why I Teach A Queer & Trans Pilates Class

Posted on September 29, 2017
Why I Teach A Queer & Trans Pilates Class By Kate Clabby When I started practicing Pilates and yoga regularly at Innerstellar, I started to feel the healing effects of these practices very quickly. The migraines that have plagued me for over a decade diminished in frequency and intensity. Other benefits, though, took more time and attention to become apparent. There were tissues in my body that felt tense, dry, and numb. I had toRead More
THE BRILLIANT FILAMENTS OF AN INNERSTELLAR TEACHER TRAINING By the Innercore Pilates Teacher Training Instructors, Ruthie Wahlborg Scott, Rebecca Vasile, Lila Heller & Marisa Kelly As our minds, bodies and Spirits are so deeply connected, exploring movement is about so much more than cues and exercises. It becomes a journey of self-reflection and discovery, often of gifts and inner wisdom that has been hidden under layers of self-doubt and criticism. Whether or not you ever intend toRead More
  ​5 Reasons Why YOU Should Take a Teacher Training at Innerstellar by Rebecca Vasile Lead Innercore Pilates Teacher Training Instructor, Studio Owner and Yoga, Pilates & Dance Instructor ​ Rebecca Vasile knows a thing or two about Teacher Trainings — here at Innerstellar, she completed the Stellarflow Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 and the Comprehensive Innercore Pilates Teacher Training in 2014. In addition, she has completed Pilates trainings with Balanced Body University, Carolyne Anthony’s Center Method for Diastasis RecoveryRead More