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The Rule of Four: Is This Why You’re In Pain?

The Rule of Four: Is This Why You're In Pain?By Kate Clabby & Kiki LovelaceWhen we were in teacher training, we just about fell out of our chairs when we discovered the Rule of Four. These are the four keys to radiant health, as described by one of our Anatomy Gurus, a bodyworker, craniosacral therapist and longtime Forrest Yoga-devotee, Ellen Heed. We consider this the backbone of our teaching philosophy at Innerstellar.1. BiomechanicsThe way you hold, carry and use your ... Read more

Every Pelvis Has a Story

By Leslie HowardWhat is the pelvic floor? Many people might respond with a shrug or a blank stare; the slightly more knowledgeable might point to “down there.” Let’s say I were to ask you what part of the body is the most crucial to maintaining good posture? You might say the feet and legs, or maybe the abdominal muscles. While those parts are important, they are not our foundation, or the part of our body that integrates the head and torso ... Read more


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